Snow Emergencies

January 28th, 2009 at 3:18 pm by under Breaking News, Weather

Here’s a list of snow emergencies. An updated list from the State of Indiana Department of Homeland Security can be found here.   For the purposes of this entry, we follow the DHS rankings.   Not all counties follow these guidelines.

Level 1 – EMERGENCY - A State of Emergency has been declared by the County Commissioners. Travel may be restricted to emergency personnel ONLY! Further restrictions may be included in the declaration.

  • Fountain County
  • Morgan County
  • Shelby County

Level  2 – WARNING - Conditions are threatening to the safety of the public. Only essential travel is recommended (i.e. to and from work, emergency situations, etc.). Emergency action plans have been or should be implemented by businesses, schools, government agencies and other organizations.

  • Grant
  • Huntington

Level 3 – WATCH - Routine travel or activities may be restricted in areas because of a hazardous situation; citizens should use caution or avoid these areas. Schools and businesses may begin to implement their emergency action plans.

  • City of Anderson
  • Blackford County  ** Blackford County numbering is different, they call it as a Level 1.
  • Delaware
  • Hamilton

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19 Responses to “Snow Emergencies”

  1. tim wooldridge says:

    Shelbyville Indiana snow level is 10 inches @8:27 a.m. Snow in the last hour has been moderate to heavy

  2. Shell Harcourt says:

    Fillmore Indiana snow level is 10+ inches of snow at 8:35am. Snow is moderate at right now.

  3. Joseph Jonas says:

    I keep seeing Columbus with a total of 3 inches on your map. We currently are pushing 11 inches, and that was an hour ago when I measured it off my deck.

  4. Lucy Keller says:

    Indianapoolis had horrid road conditions, there are slideoffs, and accidents all over Indianapolis.the police are telling people to stay off the roads, but in order for us not to have to be on the roads the state has to declare a snow emergency! what does it take for this to happen?

  5. Audrey Andersen says:

    Snow in New Castle is at 10+ inches & still falling heavy as of 9:30 am. Major roads are down to one lane & county roads are nearly impassible.

  6. Jamie says:

    WTRE radio station says that Decatur County is not under a level 3 Snow Emergency. Where is this info coming from?

  7. Jason Crundwell says:


    Decatur was listed at a level 3 as of 9 a.m. on the Indiana DHS Website (link at the top of the post).

  8. Eric A. Archer says:

    Road conditions on the southeast side of town are not good. Franklin and Southport Roads are snow covered and very difficult to travel.

  9. Mark Sloan says:

    Here in Rushville we have plenty of snow, and very little traffic is seen.I shoveled a path in front that was more than a foot deep. However we evidently have no level of emergency. Your website doesn’t even show that our schools are shut down.

  10. Ryan Slovin says:

    Jason Crundwell has done an incredible job of keeping us all very well-informed this morning and afternoon with all of his blog posts. He should be commended by his manager.

  11. Holly says:

    When was the level 1 lifted from Columbus IN.Roads are terrible. No one should be out. We also received well more than 3 inches of snow today.

  12. Brian Cox says:

    According to Greencastle newspaper the Banner Graphic Putnam County is under a Level 2 Snow Emergency

  13. Angie R says:

    How is Blackford County’s numbering for the snow emergencies different?

  14. Angie R says:

    What level snow emergency is Blackford County under?

  15. Rebecca says:

    I can definately see why it was a snow emergency at nine
    this morning in Decatur County, we stayed at my parents in a less
    rural area last night, worried about being stranded out here, came
    home at one o clock this afternoon and one of the ways to our house
    was completely blocked, had to turn around and take a long way
    home. I hope there is a school delay in the morning, it’s dangerous
    where we live.

  16. christina says:

    coming from lebanon.i think lebanon should be closed cause we having but ice here. 4×4′s cant do nothing on ice. i think everyone should stay home anf if working they should go home.

  17. christina says:

    i meant we have nothing but ice.

  18. Susan Rourke says:

    Blackford County is not under a Level 1 (Snow Emergency). We are currently under a Level 2 Travel Warning. Residents can check the search County Travel Status Map, and this gives an up to date list of each county and their current levels.
    We adopted Ordinance 2009-01 that aligns us with the current Homeland Security Levels.

  19. Susan … This post is from 2009. Our current travel status are posted on the Closings Page of under the “Other” tab.

    We are monitoring the IDHS website frequently for changes.