Right Wing Rules

July 21st, 2009 at 9:47 pm by under Jim Shella's Political Blog

Republican Scott Schneider’s election tonight to replace Teresa Lubbers in the seat she vacated in the state Senate is a victory for the far right.

He joins a growing list of right wingers to replace moderate Republicans in the state Senate in recent years.  Mike Delph took over for Murray Clark, Greg Walker took over for Bob Garton, Brent Waltz replaced Larry Borst… you get the idea.

The Republicans hold a 33-to-17 majority in the Senate and will lose it, in all likliehood, only if they become too extreme.  They are headed that direction.

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11 Responses to “Right Wing Rules”

  1. Carlos says:

    How come you didn’t show up for the caucus, Jim? Abdul & Star reporters were there. Also bloggers galore.

  2. Clark says:

    You couldn’t be more wrong with your “right wing” headline. Were you even at the caucus?

  3. Juli Bauman says:

    Mr. Shella,

    While I realize this is a forum to express your opinion, your obvious liberal slant and complete and utter disregard for the will of the people is all too clear. The voters have spoken and obviously desire a more conservative legislature. In a time when other states have become bankrupt, our state continually finds a way to balance its budget due the efforts of these “extreme…right wingers”. I don’t know about you but in my eye that is a good thing. I will now be watching your reporting with my eyes opened to your liberal agenda.

  4. T-ball says:

    Jim, you called this one partly wrong. Part of the motivation for last night was right v. moderate. However, the bigger force last night was party base v. big law. You are missing a huge story if you do not investigate the growing discontent within the GOP grassroots toward big law- B&T, Ice, K&D, etc. They have made a laughing stock out of Greg Ballard and they assert a ridiculous amount of influence over Clark’s party machine.

  5. Jim Shella says:

    It wasn’t the people who spoke. It was party leaders in the form of precinct committeemen. When the people last spoke in that district they elected a moderate.

  6. That election had nothing whatsoever to do with conservative v. moderate. It was totally about insider v. outsider, elitist v populist, establishment v. anti-establishment. Vaughn was the consumate insider, establishment candidate having the support of every Republican insider in the county. People are fed up with being told who to vote for. The Ballard letter backfired big time. The driving force behind the vote was – anti-Ballard, anti-Tom John, anti-Bob Grand, etc. It was very much an anti-elite, pro-populist vote. Populism isn’t conservative or liberal. It crosses ideological lines.

    Your easy conservative theory breaks down quickly because Schneider won the votes of conservative, moderate and even liberal PCs in that district, again because he was seen as the anti-establishment candidate. If you take out the mummy dummy PCs, Vaughn won the votes of maybe 16 actual PCs in the distict. It was a landslide for Schneider because he was the anti-establishment candidate in a district dominated by populist fervor. In fact, the whole GOP organization is turning populist. Ballard is very unpopular with rank and file Republicans who feel he sold them out when he ran off with the country club wing of the party after the election. There is a major fight going on within the GOP organization that has nothing to do with consrvative v. moderate. It’s a textbook fight between populism and elitism and the elitist like Tom John, Bob Grand, and Mayor Ballard got their heads handed to them last night.

  7. Melyssa says:

    Tom John is likely the biggest loser in this selection. He failed to bring home the goods for the party boss. I predict many more failures for Tom John.

    By the way, as a Libertarian I’m far more liberal than I am far right. Of all the candidates, Schneider would best represent me. I could not be happier.

  8. Melyssa says:

    The first Tom John failure I witnessed: His failure to keep Ballard from winning the mayoral election. And it looked so easy from the outset.

  9. Maytagrepairman says:

    Melyssa: Be careful what you say or the county chairman will not appoint you to the board or commission of his choice. Big law firms hae made a mockery of the political process. Politics has nothing to do with right and wrong any more.

  10. Dave Tudor says:

    Scott Schneider and other members of his family have been elected officials and party workers for many years. I don’t know that any of them have ever been called extremists. The people you mourn held office too long. You should remember that Teresa Lubbers and Joan Gubbins defeated slated candidates to win senate seats in this part of Indianapolis. Scott Schneider will be a fine senator for many years. No one will doubt that he will work for the people of his district.

  11. T-ball says:

    This was a repudiation of “Ballard & Thornburg LLC.” No, I did not mis-spell the first name.