Brent Waltz Passed Over

August 19th, 2009 at 4:40 pm by under Jim Shella's Political Blog

Senate President Pro Tem David Long announced today that Sen. Phil Boots (R-Crawfordsville) will replace Sen. Dennis Kruse as Chairman of the Pensions and Labor Committee.  (Kruse recently took over the Education Committee from retired Senator Teresa Lubbers.)

Boots is a member of the Labor committee but was not the ranking majority member who would normally be next in line for chairman.  That’s Senator Brent Waltz (R-Greenwood.)

Waltz has a history of going his own way rather than following GOP leadership.  Sometimes what goes around, comes around.

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6 Responses to “Brent Waltz Passed Over”

  1. Joe says:

    Only under a system of seniority would Waltz ever be mentioned for his position. He’s out of his depth in the Senate and doesn’t even live in his district.

  2. Samantha says:

    Beyond his depth? The guy is an eagle scout, a national merit scholar, served with distinction as a County Council President, and has created more jobs in Indiana than Senate leadership ever talked about doing.

  3. Meggan says:

    Maybe Senate leadership was looking for more of a yes man than someone who represents his district?

  4. Bob says:

    Why would anyone willingly subject themselves to chairing a committee that deals with feuding union and the Chamber of Commerce? Phil Boots must have lost a bet.

  5. Joe says:

    Samantha: The first three don’t mean squat (especially Johnson County Council president, I wouldn’t brag too much about that), and I’d love to see some examples of the fourth. Look at everyone else that his voters elect (his uncle, the Burton brothers, etc.) Even if he’s better than those guys, that’s not a high bar.

    Luke Kenley, he isn’t.

  6. Bil Browning says:

    He doesn’t live in his district, he’s anti-gay but makes Richard Simmons look butch, has a thing for older guy/younger guy “mentorships,” and carries a gun to the Statehouse to protect himself from “gay activists.” This guy is a Mark Foley explosion waiting to happen.