I-465 Closure Alternate Routes

October 23rd, 2009 at 6:10 am by under Traffic

Here’s a listing of some alternate routes you can take to avoid the I-465 / I-69 closures.

I-69 South to East Side

  • From SB 69, exit at SR 238 (Exit 10) and turn left at the light.  Drive about 1/2 mile to the traffic circle.  Take Olio Road south thru Fishers over Giest Reservoir, (road becomes CR 600 W/Mt. Comfort Road).
    • To reach Lawrence, turn right on Pendleton Pike/US 36. (Detour 15.14 Miles)
    • To reach east side/downtown continue south to I-70.   (Detour 19.8 Miles)

I-69 South to Shadeland

  • Take I-69 south to Binford Blvd.   Turn left on 75th St. or 71St. and head East to Shadeland.  Turn right on Shadeland to I-465. (Detour 3.2 Miles)

I-465 to East Side (Shadeland & 71st)

  • Exit I-465 to Meridian.  Turn right on Meridian and take to 86th Street east to Keystone Blvd.  Turn right onto Keystone to 71st. St.  Turn left 71st St. eastbound past Allisonville Rd. and Binford Blvd. to Shadeland. (Detour 9.88 Miles)

I-465 to East Side (Lawrence)

  • Exit I-465 at Meridian.  Take Meridian south to Kessler Blvd.  Turn left on Kessler and take east to East 56th St.  Turn left on E. 56th to I-465. (Detour 10.91 Miles)

I-465 WB to Keystone

  • Take I-69 north to 96th Street (Exit 3).  Take 96th St. west to Keystone Blvd.  Turn left on Keystone and head south to I-465. (Detour 8.04 Miles)

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10 Responses to “I-465 Closure Alternate Routes”

  1. Steve says:

    What is status of Allisonville and Keystone exchanges? Can you go west on 465 at either of these?

  2. Angel says:

    I am curious on if you know why I465 east bound is closed at meridian? keystone isnt that far down from meridian and should not have been damamged by the explosion.

  3. Jason Crundwell says:

    Steve: You can enter I-465 westbound at Allisonville & Keystone.

    Angel: US 31 is the closest primary highway to divert traffic from the freeway. (Truck traffic is diverted north on US 31.)

  4. casey says:

    Why is I-465 east still closed at Meridian Rd? Understand Northbound I-69 traffic should go this way, but local traffic to Keystone/Allisonville Rds should be allowed to proceed by now. This make no sense INDOT/ISP.

  5. Richard says:

    Can you go north bound I 465 from 70 to north bound 69 to 82nd street

  6. Rick says:

    Is it possible to make a map of these alternate routes or better yet one that shows which old, normal routes are closed to traffic? The confusing thing in the stories I’ve read, is that they all offer roughly the same description of traffic pattern closures but don’t really give a complete picture of what you CAN do in the area. A blown up map with dual lanes shown and redded-out portions of road would be awesome! I can’t find this anywhere else online, and it seems the other questions posted here are looking for the same info. thanks

  7. Kathleen says:

    Can you drive north on Binford where it becomes I-69, past 86th and 96th streets towards Anderson?

  8. Scotch says:

    Is I-465 North open to I-69 North, or is it closed due to the tanker explosion also?

  9. linda canan says:

    my granddaughter came home for fall break we live in munster and she is going back sunday to ball state in muncie
    which would be the best route for her to take??

  10. JT says:

    This is the question that I have had. Why shut down all the way to Meridian? Why not allow those who need to get to Keystone and Allisonville (thousands and thousands of people) each day get to their exits? I cannot understand this. Is the whole issue controlling truck traffic? If these exits remain closed for the months that were initially discussed, this will kill those retailers.