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July 15th, 2010 at 11:25 am by under Inside

Based on feedback from our users, we’re making a change to our commenting system. We hope you find it more convenient to use.

Over the past two years we’ve had several commenting systems and we’ve tried everything from anonymous comments to requiring users to register and log-in to comment. At the same time, technology continues to evolve and the products continue to change.

Starting today we’re switching to a commenting system powered by Facebook Connect for story comments. The only way you can publicly post a comment on story is by being signed into your personal Facebook page. You can then share your thoughts about the story directly on our website, and your thoughts can also be seen on your Facebook page.

By default, your Facebook icon and name only shows to other people under the following circumstances.

  1. You leave a comment on a story.
  2. You “like” a story and a Facebook friend of yours visits the same story.

You can adjust these settings by logging into Facebook and going to your Account > Privacy Settings and Account > Application Settings.

When you see your picture next to the comment box, other people do not see that picture. It only means you are logged into Facebook.

We know you won’t always want to share each nugget with your Facebook friends. That’s why we’ve made it easy to send an e-mail directly to the 24-Hour News 8 newsroom, where your thoughts and inside information will be private. Look below the Facebook comments box for the area to “Comment to 24-Hour News 8″.

Over the years, we have tried to find the best way for each of you to share your thoughts on our stories. It’s been a trial-and-error process, but we feel this is the best solution to date. As we move forward we will probably evolve again and continue to improve our commenting engine.

We always welcome your suggestions, so let us know — either by posting a comment below or by sending a private e-mail.

25 Responses to “New way to Comment!”

  1. brigitte hess says:

    having comments only through facebook is a stupid idea. not everyone wants a facebook account. thanks for nothing!

  2. @Brigitte,

    Yes I understand that not everyone has a Facebook account. My goal is to push our developers to create options that allow you to login to our site through several different options. We will continue to evolve and improve our commenting engine as well as our overall site experience.

  3. Liz Caldwell says:

    I don’t want anything public connected to my Facebook account. So won’t be following WISH-TV online. Considering the privacy issues with Facebook in the past year, I don’t want to open that door to any Tom, Dick, and Harry. And I don’t care how you may assure us that people can’t breach the walls of security — then can and they have. In fact, I’d like to know by what method this website was even able to recognize my Facebook account when ALL my security levels on Facebooks are set to the most secure. Now that I think about it, I’m getting a bit upset – at WISH and Facebook. Until that issue is resolved, I won’t even click on to WISH online.

  4. almacsbuffet says:

    What was wrong with the old system, Jason? Here lies one of the biggest problems in coporate America. They change things more often than they change their underwear. Let’s call it “the I-come-up-with-a-new-idea every 2 days so let me keep my barely justified salary” syndrome.

  5. Liz,

    To answer your question about how “this website was able to recognize my Facebook account.” In reality our website doesn’t know whether you are a Facebook user or not. The tools we used were developed directly by Facebook and it’s their code. When you log into your Facebook account, Facebook places a cookie on your computer’s hard drive. Unless you log out of Facebook every time…Facebook considers you logged in wherever you go on the web. If you go to any other site that uses the Facebook tools and you’re logged into Facebook on that computer … it will recognize your account and show you as logged in.

  6. @almacsbuffet,
    As with all technology, we do our best to evolve and change as the technology continues to improve. After six months, we only had about 8,000 users in our commenting system. According to Facebook there are 1,084,980 Facebook users who live within 50 miles of Indianapolis. Our goal is to make it easier for more people to comment and interact. People also think twice before posting hate comments if their face and name is attached to it. It’s not a perfect system and we will work to continue to improve it.

  7. coltsfan44 says:

    I guess I’ll have to start using channel 6 or 13 website because I dont have or want a facebook account. I had 1 at one time and had too many people from my past (women) messaging me and so on so I deleted my account. I’m sorry to see wish Tv’s website go to this because I will not return to facebook.

    If something works why does it have to change? It’s the GOVT philosphy “if it aint broken fix it until it is”

  8. Gerri Daniels says:

    Well, just peachy! After weeks and weeks of bad new almost daily about more and more problems with Facebook, I deleted everything on my FB page, and deactivated my account about six weeks ago.


    Facebook is NOT secure. Peoples’ pages get hacked into all the time. The navigation on their site leaves a LOT to be desired.

    Sorry Channel 8… You just lost me as an observer/commenter.


  9. Facebook can't be trusted says:

    Here is one user that is leaving your site. I deleted my facebook account long ago. They do not care about privacy. Without being able to comment I no longer have a desire to obtain my news here. I feel this is a poor move on your part. Best of luck.

  10. Facebook can't be trusted says:

    “People also think twice before posting hate comments if their face and name is attached to it. It’s not a perfect system and we will work to continue to improve it.”

    Most intelligent people will only think once before linking their facebook account with a completely unrelated news site- and it will be a no. I doubt that all 1,084,980 people WANT to comment on this site. Blizzard thought this would be a good idea too (Google Blizzard Real ID). They did an about face within a week. Why didn’t WISH ask us what we thought before just implementing this? You claim you care about user experience yet you failed to ask the users. Judging from the number of comments now you will be following in Blizzards footsteps very shortly.

  11. almacsbuffet says:

    Yeah, ok, your point is lucid and worth a try. It is a good thing if the hate comments are out of the picture, also. However, I think we may see a drastic decrease of the simple comments which usually contain a big share of the common sense out there. The biggest loss, perhaps, will be the Indiana dry wit purveyors. I, for one, don’t want my name and face on my sarcasticly genius comments. There very well may be people out there who take any comment on face value and get bent out of shape. Keep me behind the chicken wire. Oh, well, Jason, give it a shot and good luck. If it doesn’t work, go back to the old system or give the next every-other-day “this is the idea that will work project” a chance. One more thing: since “trolling” is on the morphine-drip now,{had a nice little run}, let one thing be noted. “Soylent Green is people!” Yeah, I didn’t write it but I do take credit for starting it on the Yahoo Message Boards back in the day. It’s pathetic, but it’s my claim to fame. All you can eat, baby- Al

  12. Privacy says:

    I signed up for Facebook once, before I was through with the signup process, I had already received over 80 spam messages in my e-mail. I closed out the Facebook account immediately, that was a long time ago, but the spammers continue to hit the old e-mail account I used. I’ve changed it several times since. So, sorry WISH, if you are going to require this Facebook nonsense then I will have to go elsewhere.

  13. Privacy says:

    My last comment. I just read some of the most recent comments about the downtown shootings. Apparently now that you have gone over to facebook, you have also chosen to not monitor or moderate the comment sections. You wanted to stop the hate speech, but if you look at the comments left tonight, the racism, and foul speaking common to facebook has now arrived at WISH. There isn’t even a button to click for abusive messages or language now. My children often read the news here, but with these comments the way they are, I’ve had to block the site.

    WISH, you have definitely taken a huge step backward, this was a very poor decision.

  14. @Privacy

    I understand your concerns. Nothing beats getting a call before 7 a.m. because of the comments that were being left on our site. We’ve since pulled the ability to comment on stories related to last night’s shootings. In hindsight we shouldn’t have included the commenting modules in the first place. Obviously this is a topic that many people want to express an opinion about … bad and good. We will be taking a very close look at the comments we received and what we can do to better monitor them. Even on the commenting modules we’ve used in the past we would have still seen the issues we saw on these particular stories. I will continue to work with our corporate development team to push for a better solution that will make our commenting system accessible to as many people as possible, but at the same time have the language and reporting tools needed to weed out the bad apples quickly.

  15. coltsfan44 says:


    Why did you choose not to publish my comment about the new system here on wish? It seems now there are alot worse comments being left now that you have gone to the new system.

  16. Facebook says:

    So you only approve those comments you want posted. Nice.

  17. Privacy says:

    Jason, thank you for the reply, but in looking at the current tirades, nothing has really changed. If this was supposed to be an experiment, it has failed.

  18. Brian says:


    I am completely appauled by the comments I read today concerning last night’s shootings. There was absolutely NO censoring the filthy language in some of these posts!! I shouldn’t have to go to a news website and see anything like that. To me, that is completely unprofessional to allow that to be posted on your website. This is all in addition to WISH’s lack of editing in a lot of their online articles and their live broadcasts. You really need to remove most of the comments on this incident. Also, I thought you had said too that the people’s faces wouldn’t be visible either? What’s up with that?

  19. ABN2nds says:

    WOW! That experiment did not work well! People on here are very angry, if you make a comment they do not like, they write you notes saying they will contact your employer! Then they send you messages to your e mail address. I will never make another comment on this site, it is purely my Constitutional right to make a comment, it make not be accepted as good, but that is my right just the same. I did not make any racial comments, religious or infer a “hate crime”. I made a comment, personally, not associated with my position as an LEO. Some people noticed on my Facebook page I work for the Police, and my comment should be forwarded to my superiors. If this was your intentions, then you just made a lot of people angry!

  20. Privacy says:

    It would appear to me now that WISH wants to allow their website to operate on automatic without any supervision or moderation. The comments on this weekends shootings are the worst I’ve ever seen and while they were briefly shut down, they were turned back on again with a continuation of the filth, racism and foulness that I don’t wish to have my children exposed to anymore. So I’ve removed WISH from all of our browsers and blocked it to protect my young children. I feel that this new commenting protocol is a huge mistake. But to further my feelings that WISH doesn’t want to supervise their own site I look to the Participate part of this site, people are invited to upload news, pictures and video. But only pictures seem to get published, the video uploads seem to be ignored and often the video section doesn’t work at all. There are good videos uploaded by participants that have been pending approval for months now. If WISH was really interested, they would have released these videos already. To me this is just another sign that WISH just wants to make a good show, but doesn’t want to take the time to make it work. My son goes to a college where they have a small blogging section, it’s much more active than here, but if the kind of comments that I’ve seen here were to appear there, the users would have lost their privileges and the offending message immediately deleted. The rule there is that if you are smart enough to use your computer to make comments you should also be smart enough to keep your comments civil while getting your point across. The school has moderators on each blog to insure civility at all times, WISH should do the same or they should not invite public comments.

  21. Brian,

    Thanks for your comment. As of this morning stepped back from the changes we made last week to our commenting system. You can read more about it here:

  22. ABN2nds,

    Thanks for your comment about our commenting feature. Your instance in particular is one of the reasons we stepped back on the changes we made to our commenting system. You can read more about that here:

  23. almacsbuffet says:

    Ok, Jason, maybe you’re worth your salt. Remember, that’s today, get working on the next idea. Your paycheck depends on it.

  24. cynthia smoker says:

    JUst wanted to let you know that I find the comment section of WTHR and WRTV to be more inclusive. You can actually reply underneath the posted comment and get feedback from the general community. I think it is time to revist your current set up.

    And, what is with comments from 2010 still posted here? Do you read and respond to this area?? I guess I’ll find out.