Charlie White Could Damage GOP More Than You Think

March 11th, 2011 at 10:15 am by under Jim Shella's Political Blog

Secretary of State Charlie White goes to court this afternoon to answer 7 felony counts related to his voter registration as he continues to hold onto his elected post.  Meantime, there is a possible scenario that could lead to White causing the Indiana GOP to lose major party status.

Consider this:  a Democratic lawsuit challenges White’s status on the ballot last November because his voter registration was allegedly false (a contention backed up by grand jury indictments.)  If a judge rules in the Democrats’  favor and White is disqualified, the Republicans would not receive the 10% of the vote in the Secretary of State race that is required to maintain major party status.  Libertarians, however, would reach 10% after the White vote is removed.  Major shift.

Now, consider this:  the lack of major party status would make the 2012 Senate race a convention battle rather than a primary for the GOP.  Richard Mourdock’s chances of upsetting Richard Lugar would be greatly enhanced in a convention.

This is about more than Charlie.

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8 Responses to “Charlie White Could Damage GOP More Than You Think”

  1. Dustin says:

    Perhaps a “Questions and Answers” type column is called for to dispel some of the myths and rumors out there. I get questions from people all the time about this issue and what it could mean. Who takes over if/when Charlie White resigns? Is there a special election? What about polling place inspectors and other changes that occurred with White’s victory? Are those changes in jeopardy now or with a future legal challenge?

  2. Gus Pearcy says:

    This seems a bit dramatic. I can’t imagine that the courts would penalize the entire party for the “innocent till proven guilty” actions of White. It’s obvious that the majority of Hoosiers wanted to send a Republican to victory in that race. Courts should be reluctant to overturn the will of the people.
    At most, I would think there would be a special election which should come out of Charlie’s plea bargain!

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  4. Hoosier One says:

    You assume that good ole’ Charlie has the integrity to resign– which he’s proven time and again he does NOT have. Anything to penalize the Republicans at this point.

  5. Scott Tibbs says:

    This post is just plain silly. White may well be forced out of office, but there is no way the GOP – which holds 60 seats in the state legislature, 37 of 50 seats in the state senate, the governor, treasurer, auditor and attorney general – is going to lose major party status. There’s no way the primary will be canceled. That’s a fantasy, nothing more.

  6. Richard Clark says:

    I would love to see the Republican Party kicked off the ballot in Indiana. Serves them right for pushing through the draconian Voter ID law and also for making it nearly impossible for third parties to qualify for ballot status in Indiana.

  7. C.J.Hatter says:

    Gus, courts should NEVER give undue concern to the “will of the people.” Courts must focus on existing statutes and constitutionality. If the will of the people is at odds with either of those things, the will of the people must lose. Call it judicial activism if you want, but THAT is the function of the judicial system. It’s part of the checks and balances provided by the Constitution, preventing “majority tyranny” over minorities. . . at least, that’s how things are SUPPOSED to work. Many extremist judges tend to forget that.

  8. Neal Smith says:

    Maybe it’s time to look at the entire ballot access question. The way it’s structured discourages challenges to the major Parties and has no place in a democratic system.