Charlie White’s Dilemma

April 8th, 2011 at 9:34 am by under Jim Shella's Political Blog

Here’s why Charlie White should be more nervous today than he was at this time yesterday:  The ruling that requires the state Recount Commission to reconsider a Democratic Party challenge to White’s candidacy for Secretary of State requires a determination on the legality of White’s voter registration.

Charlie White can appeal the decision and the Recount Commission can attempt to dodge the assignment but if, as Democrats and a Hamilton County grand jury believe, White lied on his voter registration, the new proceedings ordered yesterday point to an eventual decision to remove him from office.  (The judge also maintained jurisdiction and could take the matter into his own hands if he is unsatisfied with the proceedings in the Recount Commission.)

Of course White is already facing a 7 count indictment and criminal proceedings that could also lead to him being forced out of the Secretary of State’s office.  He would much prefer to deal with that first, however.  Here’s why.  The criminal case will likely lead to a plea deal that could reduce felonies to misdemeanors and preserve White’s law license even if he must leave office.  The office is his bargaining chip.

If he loses the civil challenge and his office in the process, he must still face the criminal charges with no bargaining chip.  Oh, and a Democrat would replace him rather than a fellow Republican.


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  1. David Sanders says:


    Insightful analysis. Perhaps you should add that the decision is a reprimand to former SOS Todd Rokita. Also, I think the FOX spin on this should be noted as yet another example of people inhabiting another universe: “Judge throws out Democrat case against Charlie White.”