Rainy Days And Sundays

May 15th, 2011 at 5:28 pm by under Sports

Not exactly the start to the Month Of May I was hoping for.

Rain is such a drag. When there’s a rainout, I always feel bad for those of us who live for the Month of May, because especially now with the shortened schedule, each minute of track time is precious.

Unfortunately, as “Mother Nature” is apt to do during May, rain has interrupted Opening Weekend.

That doesn’t mean there wasn’t any fun to be had at the Brickyard.

The Celebration of Automobiles was simply amazing. I didn’t get to see all of the cars, but the ones I saw were incredible. What’s neat for me is to see the pride in the owner’s faces when someone stops to talk with them, or take a picture of their classic car.

Getting to see Parnelli Jones and Danny Sullivan was a thrill. Parnelli, the 1963 Indianapolis 500 winner is a staple every year in May, I admire his dedication in coming back to the Brickyard every year. Sullivan doesn’t get back as often, but he was highly entertaining during his on-stage talk with the outstanding Kevin Lee.

The most unusual thing I saw on opening day involved one of my favorite people in the world, Penske Racing’s Will Power.

Will rode his bike from the garage area over to the Pagoda area to check out the new Dallara concept cars.

While he was checking out the designs, and doing an interview with Kevin Lee, one of the “Yellow Shirts” actually confiscated his bike, and took it inside the media center entrance.

When I caught up with Will, he was looking around for his bike, before someone finally got it out of lockup for him.

Will took the whole thing with his usual smile, despite the fact that he wasn’t allowed to ride the bike back to the garage. Instead, one of the “yellow shirts” drove Will and the bike back to Gasoline Alley on a golf cart.

I also ran into the absolutely delightful Katherine Legge. The former Champ Car driver had a huge smile on her face, and for good reason, as she’s closing in on a deal to run some IndyCar Series races later this year. “Kat” didn’t want to let out too many details during my brief talk with her, but clearly she’s on to something, and she would be a welcome addition to the series.

It was great to see Ed Carpenter and Sarah Fisher Racing top the speed charts on Saturday. Sarah is really doing things the right way in building her team, and the added intrigue with their #57 car will keep them in the news all week.

If we can keep the rain away.

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