No “Oops” From the Mayor

January 4th, 2012 at 12:14 am by under Eric Halvorson's Blog

I had to ask Mayor Greg Ballard whether he has an “Oops List”.  Last week, Governor Daniels said he has one — and he put a certain jobs announcement on it. 

Daniels referred to the endorsement he and Mayor Ballard gave to a company called Litebox. 

In October, we learned the CEO of Litebox said he would bring a manufacturing operation to Indianapolis, creating more than a thousand jobs.  Later, we learned he has some legal problems and unpaid tax bills.

That’s why Daniels said he would have waited before endorsing the company.

On Tuesday, Mayor Ballard told me he couldn’t call it an “Oops”.  

“No, I dont think so. We’ve got nothing invested in it.”  Ballard said.  “We won’t have anything invested in it unless there are jobs to be had. That was always the deal … We don’t have any skin in the game, unless the jobs materialize.”

“If the jobs materialize, we’ll try to help ‘em out — because it’s always been about jobs to us,” he said.


One Response to “No “Oops” From the Mayor”

  1. Jim says:

    I’m always a little skeptical of big jobs announcements because so many things can go awry between the announcement and the first job’s creation.