He’s Right!

January 27th, 2012 at 9:33 pm by under Eric Halvorson's Blog

Downtown today it was obvious Mayor Greg Ballard made an accurate prediction.

We had a lengthy interview in his office back in early January.  As we talked about the Super Bowl, he encouraged us to be alert for something.  ”The thing to watch is really the energy in the ten days before the game.  I think that will be the story.” 

Evidence of that energy is everywhere downtown.  From the top of the Zipline down to the far end the Super Bowl Village. 

People crowded downtown today to be present for the ribbon cutting. 

We heard one Hoosier after another expressing pride about Indianapolis being the host city.  Now they’re eager to see the events go as smoothly as designed.  

Granted, traffic drew some complaints this afternoon.  One viewer e-mailed this blunt assessment: “Traffic is horrid!” 

Some of that may represent a surge of people who wanted to be first to visit the Village. 

It may also be the reason the Host Committee stressed “Know Before You Go”, to help people avoid the most congested areas. 

And, some of that congestion just comes with the game.  It will be over sooner than we realize.

Mayor Ballard told me we all need to “put on our best face because so much of the world will be watching [Indianapolis] for the first time.”   

And that means, for Indianapolis, the Super Bowl is more than a football game, even if it is the biggest game in the world.  “This puts Indianapolis on another stage, on a national and an international stage,” he said.  “Indianapolis will now be forever branded as a Super Bowl City.”


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