Watch Out for $5.00

March 15th, 2012 at 2:54 pm by under Eric Halvorson's Blog

What are you paying for gas, these days?  For a lot of us, the simple answer is: “Too much!” 

The latest fluctuations made me wonder how gas prices might influence our summer vacations.  So I contacted Rachel Sorvig at the Lieutenant Governor’s Office.  That’s where you find the Indiana Tourism experts.

“With gas at $4,” Rachel said, “it is a good time for people to explore Indiana.”  She said the tourism strategy already focuses on people who live here or could easily drive to Indiana.  So, Rachel doesn’t expect to see much change in the state’s marketing strategy.  But , travelers may pay more attention to those tourism messages because – with high gas prices –  “more people start to think about what’s in their own backyards.” 

Promoters of Indiana will rely on their imaginations — and yours — to help you find a Hoosier getaway.  Rachel said, if you want a Florida beach vacation, consider the Dunes in northern Indiana.   If you’re thinking of something along the lines of New York City, visit downtown Indianapolis.  Watch for the Tourism team to present such comparisons as we get closer to the summer travel season.

If gas prices keep rising, though, the marketing may not matter.  Rachel says their experts say: “if gas reaches toward the $5 mark, that’s when people may cut back on travel anywhere.”


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