BMV employee fired in IYG license plate flap

March 19th, 2012 at 4:42 pm by under Jim Shella's Political Blog

There’s more fallout this evening from the flap over a specialty license plate for the Indiana Youth Group.  An employee at the BMV has been fired.

Graig Lubsen was a spokesman for the BMV who last week told a reporter that someone from the Senate had contacted the BMV about cancelling the youth group license plate.  He told 24 Hour News 8 that he was fired the next day.  Lubsen declined an on camera interview.

The specialty plate for the Indiana Youth Group was taken away along those from two other groups after a bill to eliminate 20 specialty plates died in the General Assembly.  State Senator Jim Merritt (R-Indianapolis) started that effort.  “There is significant interest to really revamp the (specialty license plate) program,” says Merritt.  But when asked if there was an effort, at least by some, to target the youth group plate, Merritt said, “Yes, because that was what the letter was focused on.”

The letter to the BMV was signed by 20 state Senators, including Merritt, who say rules were broken.  But the youth group believes it was targeted because of its mission to counsel gay teenagers.  Mary Byrne of the Indiana Youth Group said last week, “We’re not rolling over and letting this (happen,) we can’t.”

And while the Youth Group promises to fight back, Merritt worries that his effort to solve a bureaucratic problem has become something else.  When told that it appears this isn’t about plates at all, it’s about that group, Merritt said, “Well, perception’s everything.”  On that Merritt and the Indiana Youth Group are in agreement.

The board of the Indiana Youth Group will meet tomorrow night to decide its next step.  Look for an announcement on that front Wednesday.

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5 Responses to “BMV employee fired in IYG license plate flap”

  1. Albert says:

    Funny that the Rs in the Senate chose this ‘infraction’. The Republican (and Democrat) party contols specialty plates in each couny–the plates that start with county number then “R” or “D” with numbers 1-99. Other than 1 and 2 typically reserved for county chairs and vice chairs, the other numbers are given to people who donate MONEY to the party. How is that different again??

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  3. DaveFrombroadrippleIn says:

    Well good ! There going after the gay kids for no other reason than there Bigotry !

  4. Mike Amato says:

    It’s bad enough when individuals bully gay kids, but when the state does it on an official level, it goes way beyond the pale. If the word “shame” still has any relevance, it certainly applies here.

  5. Meaghan Zore says:

    So, this article fails to address anything about its headline – especially what seems obviously of most interest – WHY was he fired? The rest is just recycled information from last week’s story on this issue. C’mon guys – a little investigative reporting here would be awesome!