David McIntosh faces residency questions

April 4th, 2012 at 5:20 pm by under Jim Shella's Political Blog

First there was Charlie White, then it was Richard Lugar.  Now a third Indiana Republican is facing residency questions.  It’s Congressional candidate David McIntosh.

McIntosh is a former Indiana Congressman who now lives and works in the Washington, DC area.  He also has a home in Anderson, but his Virginia drivers license is now an issue.  Critics point out that the application form for a Virginia drivers license requires you to declare that you are a Virginia resident.

A spokesman for the McIntosh campaign says the former Indiana congressman was forced to acquire the Virginia license.  One of his GOP primary opponents, former federal prosecutor Susan Brooks, sees a bigger problem.  “I call on David McIntosh to tell us where has he sworn under the penalty of perjury that he is a resident of which state?” says Brooks.

McIntosh. we’re told, was unavailable to discuss the matter, even on the telephone.  His campaign did share a letter it sought from Madison County Prosecutor Rodney Cummings that says he may vote and seek office here.  But another opponent, Dr. John McGoff, wants to supply voters with the facts.  “When I heard that he’s not living here and not working here,” said McGoff, “I think that is an important issue for voters in the 5th district to know.”

We showed McGoff the electronic version of the the Cummings letter and he said he sees the matter as a political issue more than a legal question.  “People need to know that we’ve got to stop this revolving door of people who are in Congress, become lobbyists and then want to come back to Congress again,” said McGoff.

The campaign spokesman says McIntosh has never voted in Virginia.

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3 Responses to “David McIntosh faces residency questions”

  1. Wilson46201 says:

    McIntosh is a professional Washington insider and hasn’t been a Hoosier since he took off for college many years ago.

  2. Paul Wheeler says:

    If he felt compelled by Virginia law to have a Virginia license, does that mean that Virginian Lugar, who has an Indiana license, is in violation?

  3. Greg Purvis says:

    As the guy who investigated Charlie White and has openly called for further investigation of David McIntosh’s residency, here are some more philosophical thoughts about “Why residency matters”. http://hamiltoncopolitics.blogspot.com/2012/04/why-does-residency-matter.html