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Editor’s note: WISH-TV Sports Reporter Chris Widlic shares his thoughts on a surprise phone call from former Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning.

By Chris Widlic

Peyton Manning’s departure from Indianapolis changes the dynamic for the Colts, but it hasn’t changed Peyton Manning.

I received an interesting phone call late Thursday afternoon. When I picked up, the voice on the other end said, “Chris, this is Peyton Manning.” It was a bit startling.

All eight years I covered his games with the Colts, and all the hundreds of pre and postgame interviews we did with him, it never really got so personal as exchanging phone numbers. But Manning and the local media never had a chance to say thanks, or even goodbye. This was it.

Peyton said it’s been such a whirlwind, he’s been very busy, but wanted to say how much he appreciated our relationship and how much he enjoyed our professionalism and working with us. I told him it was my pleasure. Seeing him and his team make that great run over the past decade was a thrill, coming from the football fan in me.

He said he’ll miss the relationships he made with us here, but I told him he wasn’t finished with us yet — we’ll still be around to cover some of his games. I also told him I was happy to see him continue his career with my home team in Denver, and he laughed.

Manning has and always will handle himself with class.

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  1. nancy allen says:

    Payton is a class act. They shouldn’t have let him go. Our loss is Denvers gain.

  2. Cindy Betz says:

    Although I have to Florida I love to stay in contact with my friends, family and my Wish. I knew Manning was a class act and once again he has proved it!!! I think the Colts will regret letting him go!

  3. Nona says:

    That is Y he has so many Fans he is just such a Great Person.Gotta Love Peyton Go Denver!!!!

  4. Marlene White says:

    What a class guy…so special. I am sure Archie and Olivia are blessed again and again that they invested themselves in raising this kind of man! What an example to other parents of what a good upbringing will produce!

  5. Dave Hancook says:

    Payton has always been a class act, It made me so proud that he was a COLT.
    Since he has left I feel a big loss for Indianapolis.

  6. andrew brough says:

    Peyton made the colts and I bet he makes Denver a competitive team in the AFC now good luck peyton

  7. Kathy Heiwig says:

    You’ve got that right! Peyton Manning has ALWAYS been a class act! He never accepted all the glory thru his years as a Colt…it was always about “the team”! I wish him and his family all the best! And “Thank You” Peyton for all you’ve done for us here in Indianapolis and the state of Indiana! We’re soooo proud of you! :)