Talking mailer, Larry Flynt attack Richard Mourdock

November 1st, 2012 at 4:42 pm by under Jim Shella's Political Blog

Hard as he tries, Richard Mourdock can’t make the controversy go away.  His remarks about rape and abortion in last week’s debate prompted two unusual attacks on Thursday.  The first comes from Hustler magazine Publisher Larry Flynt who posed a million dollar challenge to Mourdock in a newspaper ad.  The other is a first of its kind talking mail piece.

The negative mailer from a Democratic political action committee includes a recording of Richard Mourdock’s voice that begins, “Even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape…”  It’s the debate comment that started the firestorm that also prompted the newspaper ad from Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt.  In it, he offers a million dollars to Mourdock if he can prove that his comments were authorized by God, clearly a facetious attempt to play up the controversy.

Campaigning in northern Indiana Mourdock says voters aren’t paying attention to the controversy.  “They’re not talking to me about it,” he said. “I came in this room and several other rooms this morning and the issue hasn’t come up other than from the press.”

Joe Donnelly, meantime, continues to fan the flames.  “Mr. Mourdock’s comments were hurtful to women, to rape survivors and to families,” said Donnelly. “I thought after further reflection he might take those words back but he has not.”

He’s getting help from Ira Shapiro, a Democratic author who wrote the book “The Last Great Senate.”  Shapiro is giving a lecture at the Jewish Community Center and says this race is being watched around the country.  “And this race deserves particular attention,” he says, “because it involves one of the most extreme candidates out there in Mr. Mourdock.”

The Mourdock campaign, meantime, calls the Flynt ad “sleazy” and says Joe Donnelly needs to call for a halt to the new campaign tactics.  The official response from the Donnelly campaign regarding those campaign tactics is “no comment.”

But the reality is that Joe Donnelly is getting lots of help at the moment and Richard Mourdock is still having trouble changing the subject.

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One Response to “Talking mailer, Larry Flynt attack Richard Mourdock”

  1. Guajalote says:

    Just have the Donnelly campaign stick a microphone 24/7 in Mourdock’s face so that they can have one final soundbite to use in every commercial they’ll put on tv until Tuesday. Let’s face it… whether you agree with Mourdock or not, he’s a LOUSY politician.