Donnelly, Mourdock get help on Election eve

November 5th, 2012 at 12:05 pm by under Jim Shella's Political Blog

It’s the day before Election day and the candidates for the Indiana Senate seat are both getting campaign help.

Republican Richard Mourdock is citing his own internal polling to support the contention that he’s has a small lead.  He campaigned with GOP Senator Dan Coats this morning greeting voters at a north side restaurant.  “Everybody’s free to poll and use whatever races they like,” said Mourdock, “but, we like the fact there’s a huge turnout.”  He’s talking about the turnout in traditionally Republican areas.

Democrat Joe Donnelly has a double digit lead in a bi-partisan, independent poll released last week.  He was with former Senator Evan Bayh at a Hamilton County phone bank encouraging volunteers Monday morning.  He expressed the hope that all the negative ads purchased by Super PAC’s won’t hurt turnout statewide.  “In effect what happened is a lot of folks came in here trying to buy Indiana’s Senate seat,” he said, “and I think what we’ve seen is the people of Indiana said this Senate seat belongs to us not these outside groups.”

One of the things on the line here is the reputation of the Tea Party.  Mourdock’s Tea Party supported primary defeat of Dick Lugar will have little meaning if Donnelly wins.

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