Secession movement includes Indiana

November 13th, 2012 at 4:49 pm by under Jim Shella's Political Blog

People around the country are signing online petitions to break up the Union.  It’s a reaction to the re-election of President Obama and it’s a movement that includes a petition for Indiana to secede from the United States.

Here’s the irony:  the petitions are on the White House website.  They likely won’t accomplish anything, but the Obama administration will give a formal response to any petition that attracts more than 25,000 signatures in a month.  The Texas petition has more than 66,000 signatures already, a fact that prompted Texas Governor Rick Perry to issue a statement saying he “believes in the greatness of the Union.”

Derek Belcher filed the Alabama petition.  He thinks the federal government is out of control.  “They are taxing us to death,” he said, “and they are taking our freedoms away at a break neck speed.”

More than 14,000 people have signed an Indiana petition but a close inspection shows that most of them don’t live here.  Regardless, GOP State Representative Tim Brown of Crawfordsville gave them encouragement.  “Everybody has a right to sign a petition that they feel comfortable with,” he said.

But that prompted House Speaker Brian Bosma to make an effort to put the Obama re-election in perspective.  “We’ll work through this,” said Bosma.  “The Republic will survive.  That’s what I’ve told people who asked me, wringing their hands about the future of the country, the Republic will survive.”

Plus, there’s now a competing petition on the White House website.  It calls on the President to strip the citizenship of anyone who signs a secession petition and have them deported.

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5 Responses to “Secession movement includes Indiana”

  1. Scott Manning says:

    Jim, thanks for pointing out that most of the people signing this petition don’t even live in Indiana. I did some quick spreadsheet assessment on signatures ~9,000 – 16,000 and only a little fewer than 3,500 showed Indiana addresses. There were a number not sharing their town, so that number could adjust upward but still…

    One thing we might point out is the irony of a group who complain about wasteful and inefficient government forcing the White House to waste time and money even having staff assess any of these symbolic petitions. I tend to be a political moderate and it’s this kind of hypocrisy from either extreme on the spectrum that make me a bit weary. Thanks for the story.

  2. Bram Marley says:

    How UnAmerican! If you don’t like what the president is doing, then vote for someone else in the future. Secession simply because you don’t like the president is like moving out of your two-story house because you don’t like the color of the bedroom walls. In four more years we’ll have someone else in the White House. If you want to leave that badly then simply move to another country and stop trying to break up this one.

  3. Gina Walker says:

    Where can I find the petition? I went to the website, but had no luck finding the petitions.

  4. indyreader says:

    There’s a colloquial term for the immediate driver behind these petitions, and that term is “butthurt.” That’s what the Republican/Tea Party extremists are experiencing following Obama’s second win. But there’s more behind THAT. They say it’s about the specific taxation level, though they say that only in inflammatory, propagandistic terms. Funny, they have never stated quantitatively what “too much” is, but they seem to know for sure that it’s whatever Obama will change the top marginal taxation rate to, nevermind that that rate is surely going to be lower than it was during Reagan’s presidency. It’s almost as if there’s something else about Obama that gets their collective goat; but far be it from me to speculate what that might be.

  5. frankly says:

    about the petition to strip citizenship and deport anyone who signs the secession petition ha how about the millions of illegals who voted for obama how about deporting them