Lawmakers talk bi-partisanship on Organization Day

November 20th, 2012 at 4:54 pm by under Jim Shella's Political Blog

State lawmakers took the oath of office at the Statehouse today during Organization Day in the General Assembly.  It’s the ceremonial beginning to a session that will include consideration of everything from a cut in the state income tax to potential new spending for early childhood education to how the state will deal with health care reform.

But all that will wait until January.  This was a day for family and friends to see lawmakers accept their new roles.  In all, there are 29 new lawmakers in the General Assembly and the vast majority of them are Republicans.

The GOP has super majorities in both houses yet leaders promised bi-partisanship.  “We will sit on the floor of this House and in the committee rooms of this building,” said House Speaker Brian Bosma, “and work through these monumental issues together.”

Senate President pro tem David Long had a similar message.  “In the coming months it will be dependent on us to work as closely together as we can,” he said, “and try to solve some of the genuine problems for our state, that the budgeting challenges will be real.”

Also on hand today were 7 of the 9 newly-elected members of Congress from Indiana.  3 of them started out in the General Assembly.

Lawmakers will be back to work a week before Mike Pence takes the oath as the next governor.  Look for his agenda to receive a high priority.

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One Response to “Lawmakers talk bi-partisanship on Organization Day”

  1. john owen says:

    this state needs to do away with the right to work law!!!