Newly elected Congressman will resist call for gun bans

December 17th, 2012 at 5:24 pm by under Jim Shella's Political Blog

Indianapolis– (WISH) One result of the Newtown massacre is a renewed debate in this country over gun control and related issues.  It’s a debate that’s headed for Congress.  And it won’t play out just in Congress.  For example, Governor-elect Mike Pence said in a statement today that he will order a “comprehensive evaluation of school security measures” here in Indiana after he takes office.

Congressman-elect Luke Messer, standing below a Shelbyville flag lowered to half staff because of the Newtown tragedy, expects action.  “I do think you will see the next Congress try to take some action here,” says the man who will replace Pence as the 6th District representative.

But that action may not be the assault weapons ban that the President supports.  It expired in 2004.  Luke Messer says gun bans aren’t the answer.   “History shows these kind of bans don’t work,” he said.  “They take away a freedom from law abiding folks and they don’t take guns away from those who end up being the eventual perpetrators.”

And it may not be new regulations on gun sales with an emphasis on background checks sought by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  Messer wants to see a new, comprehensive approach to dealing with mental illness, and he says another ban could help, a ban on violent video games.  “There’s no virtue to the games,” says Messer.  “I think we maybe oughta look at what we can do to ban them.”  He says those games often spur violence and have no positive effects.

Of course, Luke Messer is just one of the people in the Congress who will take part in this debate and we still don’t have a starting point.  A spokesman for the President said today that Barack Obama believes that gun violence is complex problem requiring a complex solution.  He will propose one.

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4 Responses to “Newly elected Congressman will resist call for gun bans”

  1. Steve Martin says:

    How anyone can favor legality or even the need for assualt weapons is truly baffling. Does anyone seriously think that was the intent of the constitution?

  2. Jean Sloan says:

    So Hoosiers have elected another idiot! The assault/military style weapons have no business in our society. There is not one damned reason for anyone to own such a weapon – Second Amendment be damned! Except to execute 20 babies. This position is almost as heinous as the crime.
    I lost my father to gun violence 37 years ago. Perhaps having blood in the game changes ones perspective. And he died with his gun in its holster on his side.
    This allegedly christian nation has got to do better.

  3. Steve says:

    There is no connection between violent video games and mass shootings. If you ban violent video games, then you have to ban violent movies. I got an idea, why don’t parents be parents and learn what their kids are up to. Oh, the majority of mass shooters have been adults. The first amendment allows for freedom of expression and speach no matter what.

  4. John W. Kerestan says:

    Looks like the old politic’s set in fast. Just look the parents in Connecticut in the eye and tell them why we need military assualt weapons in the average home. Oh – tell me too. Thank you.