Governor Daniels says it’s time to move, but first…

December 18th, 2012 at 3:33 pm by under Jim Shella's Political Blog

Mike Pence will take the oath of office as the 50th governor of Indiana in less than a month.  That’s also when Mitch Daniels will complete his second term and the outgoing governor wants everyone to know what changed on his watch.  He spelled out accomplishments Tuesday in his final speech to the Downtown Rotary Club.

The governor used a power point presentation to go through a long list of achievements for an approving crowd at the Rotary Club.  At one point he prompted applause by saying, simply, “BMV.  I hope you notice a little difference there.”

Mitch Daniels has an approval rating in the high 60′s as he approaches the end of his second term.  Nevertheless, he has no desire to stay in this Statehouse office. In a 24 Hour News 8 interview in his Statehouse office last week he said that term limits are a good idea.  He says his fear is that he would find himself without a big cause, or a big idea to pursure, and grow stale.  “There’s a season for everything,” said Daniels, “and I do feel that we had 8 strong years, including years 7 and 8, and I would hate to stay a day too long.”

Yet Daniels thinks it’s a good idea that others are hanging on.  A number of his agency heads will serve new governor Mike Pence and Daniels will still have an influence over what goes on in state government.  When asked if he has given Pence much advice, he says, “When asked, yeah.  I’m glad to, I don’t force my attentions on anyone but he’s certainly asked a lot of really good questions way back into the campaign and I’ve given him the best counsel I can.”

He won’t share that advice, however, saying that it’s up to Pence to do so, if he chooses.  Daniels is moving on.  “I learned from Ronald Reagan a long time ago,” he says. “He said always leave them wanting a little more.”

In the meantime, he told the Rotary Club what he wants you to remember.  “Indiana became distinctive,” he said.  “Indiana became a leader.”

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