Saturday: Brighter Sky, Smaller Breeze!

December 22nd, 2012 at 10:05 am by under Weather

An area of low pressure finally moves far enough to the northeast to give Indiana a breezy break today. Winds should settle down to about 5-10 mph. They will switch from the west to the south by tonight.

That departing low meant clearing skies, just in time for Indy to drop to 14 degrees, the coldest reading in over ten months. Sunshine should fuel a nice temperature recovery this afternoon.

It won’t be as cold when you wake up Sunday morning.

Tomorrow the sun may be dimmed by afternoon clouds, but Forecast 8 won’t be tracking any rain or snow. We’ll tack a few more degrees onto the high temperature.

What about White Christmas? There’s a slight chance of light precipitation Monday afternoon and evening, but the best bet is south of here, according to Forecast 8 Future Cast. It’s possible we’ll see snowflakes on Christmas Eve. A much better chance of snow is waiting Wednesday.

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