Sunday Starts Better

December 23rd, 2012 at 7:51 am by under Weather

Today’s sky stays quiet, although clouds may slowly thicken in the afternoon. The morning isn’t as chilly as the 13 degree low in Indianapolis on Saturday. That was the coldest Indy temp since January 20! It never got below 11 degrees all last winter. But this winter ain’t last winter! (Read on.)

Today’s high temp will be above average, but don’t get too cozy with that. Two systems are ready to roll into a generally cold and unsettled week.

The first system won’t have much moisture to work with, but could produce some light mixed precipitation early Monday morning. That precip would likely turn to rain later in the morning and to snow in the afternoon and evening.

Christmas Day itself will be dry, but a second, much more significant system would arrive by later in the evening. It’s still three days out and the track of storm could definitely change, but the forecast now would point toward heavy snow….enough to shovel. The heaviest snow would fall in the first half of Wednesday. Yet another snow maker could hit Saturday, although accumulations are unlikely to be as high.

The snow season of 2011-2012 only produced 9.8 inches of snow in Indy. We’ve already had 2.2 inches, and could easily surpass last season’s entire output by the end of the weekend.

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