Speaker Bosma questions governor, DNR handling of Dani the Deer case

January 31st, 2013 at 3:54 pm by under Jim Shella's Political Blog

The case of Dani the Deer prompted the Speaker of the Indiana House to question the governor today.  This may not be the biggest issue facing state government but it’s one that everyone understands.  Or, do they?  That’s what Speaker Brian Bosma is asking.

It’s the case of Dani the injured deer, rescued by a Connersville couple, Jeff and Jennifer Councellor, and nursed back to health.  That couple now faces misdemeanor charges for possessing a wild animal.  “A gubernatorial pardon did seem to be in order,” said Bosma.  It’s a circumstance that, Speaker Brian Bosma says, may deserve special treatment.  He’s responding to a Wednesday statement from Governor Mike Pence regarding the prosecution of the Councellers.  “It appears our conservation officers acted appropriately,” said Gov. Pence, “and in a manner consistent with Indiana law.”

The Councellors argue that they are being punished for a good deed.  “She had really large puncture wounds to both sides of her back end,” said Jennifer in a Tuesday telephone interview,  “just covered in maggots.”

“I was outraged,” said John Waudby, who started a facebook page in support of the Councellors where thousands have logged on.   Speaker Bosma stopped short of joining their ranks and even said he’s not criticizing the governor.  “I’m reserving judgement in that regard,” he said, “and trusting the DNR to come to a reasonable common sense solution here.”  But with that comment he’s clearing suggesting that the Governor and the DNR still have an opportunity to put a stop to the misdemeanor charges facing the Councellors.

People from around the country are watching closely.

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