GOP blocks vote on Pence tax cut

February 21st, 2013 at 4:57 pm by under Jim Shella's Political Blog

Democrats tried to force a vote on Governor Mike Pence’s proposed tax cut Thursday and the governor’s fellow Republicans prevented it.

The Republicans in the Indiana House of Representatives crafted a budget that dropped the governor’s proposed 10% cut in the income tax. First, the Democrats offered an alternative budget that included a smaller tax cut and the Republicans voted it down on a 31-to-65 party line vote.

Then, the Democrats called for an up or down vote on amendment identical to the governor’s plan. The Republicans blocked it with a procedural maneuver.

“Governor Pence has notified the newspapers several times, you folks have read this,” said Rep. Terry Goodin (D-Crothersville) as he offered the tax cut amendment, “that he was disappointed in the fact that this tax cut was not in the House version of the budget bill. I’m one person that’d not like the governor be disappointed.”

At that point Goodin was interrupted by the House Speaker who ruled the amendment out of order, a maneuver keeps Republicans from going on the board in opposition to their own governor.

Some of those Republicans say that a tax cut is still possible and it could be revived later in the session, but, it’s not in the GOP budget proposal.

It now comes up for a vote in the full House vote next week.

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