Governor Pence reacts to new poll on gay marriage ban

October 11th, 2013 at 2:54 pm by under Jim Shella's Political Blog

There’s a new poll out on the issue of gay marriage in Indiana and it favors opponents in a big way.

The new poll of likely voters shows 62% in favor of the marriage amendment that would create a constitutional ban on gay marriage in Indiana.  It was paid for by the Indiana Family Institute.

“I think the Hoosier electorate has a good strong sense of where marriage should be in public policy,” says Curt Smith of the Indiana Family Institute, “and it’s a high, elevated place, our state constitution.”

The finding is nowhere close to a poll of registered voters released by Freedom Indiana in September .  46% were opposed to the marriage amendment in that poll with just 43% in favor.

Megan Robertson of Freedom Indiana questions the new poll.  “They’ve said publicly that they haven’t seen much of a change on this issue over the last several years,” she said.  “Well, that doesn’t track really with any kind of public polling that anyone has done anywhere in the country.”

It’s a dispute, said the governor in a News 8 interview, that should be settled in a referendum.

“The fact that we have competing public opinion polls,” said Mike Pence, “really underscores the reason why we should just let Hoosiers decide.”

If state lawmakers approve the marriage amendment after the first of the year it will go on the ballot in November of 2014.  Many of the arguments will be based on economics.  Among those who oppose the amendment are corporations who who say it will hurt recruiting.

They have done nothing to sway the governor.  “Some of the fastest growing state economies in America have a traditional definition of marriage in their state constitutions,” said Pence, “and I don’t believe in my heart that this would be a barrier to job creation or growth.”

Both of the competing polls were conducted by Republican pollsters.

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