Pence extends high risk insurance pool

November 1st, 2013 at 2:33 pm by under Jim Shella's Political Blog

Up to 3 million Americans they will lose their health insurance policies because those policies don’t meet new government standards under Obamacare.  Steps taken address the problem here in Indiana.

GOP Governor Mike Pence has called for an extension of the Indiana Comprehensive Health Insurance Association, otherwise known as ICHIA.
It’s a high risk insurance pool that will now keep operating until February first.  That means close to 7,000 high risk Hoosiers will keep their health insurance for at least another month.

It’s because many of those people have been unable to enroll in a new insurance plan on the Obamacare website.  They are people with conditions that include cancer, AIDS, and hemophilia.

“We’re simply not going to put those Hoosiers at risk,” said Pence, “during a period of time that the federal government is failing to meet its obligations in effectively running a federal exchange.”

One of those people wrote Congressman Todd Young (R-9th District.)  Earlier this week he shared her cancellation notice when Obama Administration spokeswoman Marilyn Tavenner answered questions about the website before a Congressional commitee.

“When can she sign up for her health care, Ms. Tavenner?” ask Young.

“She can sign up through that website,” said Tavenner, “or she can go back to that individual issuer.”

State Representative Ed DeLaney says it’s all an argument for an Indiana exchange but the governor won’t be swayed.

“I strongly stand by our decision not to use Hoosier taxpayer dollars to run a state exchange,” said Pence, “when we would be getting very, very little control over that for Indiana for the millions of dollars for the millions of dollars that we would have had to spend.”

Pence says the cost of a state exchange is $25 million a year.  It will cost the state $6.3 million to continue the ICHIA program for a month.
The governor says there will be a new assessment made before February first to determine if the extension should last even longer.

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