Warm, then snow, then cold!

December 3rd, 2013 at 7:03 pm by under Weather

Which would you rather have? 60 degrees? Or 6 inches of snow? Well, everyone could get their wish this week. A very active pattern will bring dramatic changes to the 8 day forecast, and that includes everything from warm temps, to heavy snow. We still have some time (and uncertainty) in the snowfall forecast (details below).

Mild temperatures remain. Overnight lows will be closer to normal lows with most spots staying in the upper 40s to near 50 overnight. Clouds will also remain in place. Rain chances remain small, but a light sprinkle or drizzle could be possible.


Very warm with temperatures in the 50s for most of the day, and approaching 60s by afternoon. Rain showers will be likely for most of midday into the afternoon and evening. Temperatures will stay mild most of the evening, but once the cold front passes, temperatures will drop quickly. Lows could be into the 30s by daybreak. Rain will taper off overnight.


System 1


Thursday will continue the cool-down with temperatures likely to continue dropping throughout the day. Some sunshine the early part of the day may keep numbers into the 30s to near 40 but the first of 3 wintry systems arrives late Thursday night. The system could start as a bit of wintry mix (rain, snow and sleet) but will likely change to all snow. However, there rem


ains some differences in tracks of this system and a more northern track could leave southern Indiana with a very cold rain, and northern Indiana with a bought of snow (1 to 2 inches).

System 2

System 2b


Expect accumulation of 1 to 2 inches through Friday morning


Some snow may be ongoing through early morning before a brief break ensues. The second wintry system appears to have a LOT of moisture. What will be most critical will be the rain/snow line. Areas just to the north of this line will likely see the heaviest amounts of snow. Several models call for that line to set up closer to Cincinatti and Louisville, but a few aggressive models dump up to 8″+ of snow across parts of central Indiana.

This far out, it will be difficult to pinpoint accumulation amounts for specific locations. But additional accumulations of 2-4″ could be possible, with some locations possibly receiving 6″ or more. Just where that sets up in Indiana remains uncertain at this point. Low temperatures will drop into the mid 10s.

Saturday’s forecast will be depend on the amount of snowfall from Friday’s system, but regardless, it will be cold. Highs will be near 30 with partly cloudy skies. Lows will drop into 10s again.


The 3rd wintry system arrives late Sunday night and continues through Monday morning. This system could be more of a wintry mix than the previous two, but if enough snow is on the ground from System 2, temperatures could remain cold.

Next week:
Another shot of cold air arrives next week. Expect temperatures to remain below freezing.

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