Winter Weather System #1 (Thu. PM – Fri. AM)

December 3rd, 2013 at 6:58 am by under Weather

As Randy has been mentioning all morning, we could see up to 3 waves of winter weather in the 8-Day Forecast.  Let’s start with the first one, which looks to begin late Thursday and end early Friday.

STORM #1 (THU.PM – FRI. AM):  Models indicate that the winter portion of storm #1 will arrive Thursday evening and end early Friday morning.  This could have some impact on the morning commute Friday depending on the location of the snows.  Here are some looks at the timing and orientation of the winter weather.

micro_1   micro_2

STORM #1 MODEL SNOWFALL PROJECTIONS (BY FRIDAY MORNING):  Just to give you an idea of how much variation we are looking at in the models in accumulation and location, here is a sample of different model output numbers by Friday morning.  Most agree on somewhat light totals with this first system (the reason for lighter totals south would be some wintry mix in these models, or a dry slot working in).  There is one model that has higher totals in southern Indiana.  That is the European model, and the last image is the projection there.  The European model keeps the precipitation as mainly snow, that is why the totals are higher.

acc_snow_BAMS   ACC_Snow_GFS   acc_snow_NAM   acc_snow_EURO

More on the next 2 winter systems later.

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