Latest Rundown of Winter Storm

December 5th, 2013 at 1:39 pm by under Weather

OVERVIEW: The models have changed again this morning, and as much as I hate changing numbers, it looks like the trend is for some of the higher snow totals to drift back farther north (especially round 2).  Let’s break it down again how this system will progress.

WAVE #1 (TONIGHT – FRIDAY MORNING):  There will be a wintry mix ongoing tonight that should mix with, then change to all snow overnight and for the morning.  Colder air flooding into the state should still cause that change over to occur.  We are looking at seeing some sleet accumulations in the metro area and southern Indiana in addition to some snow accumulations.   Here is a breakdown of what we should expect by Daybreak Friday.


WAVE #2 (FRIDAY – FRIDAY NIGHT):  This will be the heavier of the 2 systems.  Snow will develop again during the course of the today.  It still looks like the heavier totals will be south.  Latest models runs have indicated that some of the heavier bands will drift back into the Indy metro area.  These bands will have sharp cut-offs and 20-30 miles could be the difference between 1″ and up to 8″ or higher.  The biggest question marks will remain on how quickly the snow tapers on the northern edge.


WAVE #3 (SUNDAY NIGHT – MONDAY MORNING):  This system as of now appears to be weaker of the winter weather systems.  It is still too early too assign numbers to this, but want to keep you aware of the fact that it may have some impact on the Monday morning commute.

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