Andy Jacobs

December 29th, 2013 at 9:50 am by under Eric Halvorson's Blog

jacobsCongressman Jacobs was one of the most interesting men I’ve met.   And so unlike so many of the people who populate politics today.  I will remember him as a great Hoosier.

Jacobs anticipated his final days on earth as he wrote the final paragraph of his memoir, Slander and Sweet Judgment: 

“The only thing that takes less time than you thought is life.  Which is to say that nothing goes past so fast as the past.  The life of my congressional service took a long time, yet, in a way, less time than I had anticipated.  Is there a happy ending to all this?  No.  And there isn’t a sad one, either, because there isn’t any ending at all.  The philosopher tells us that the most descriptive thing about life is that it goes on.  It goes on with or without us.  For some, life is always the hopeless and therefore unenjoyable calm before the storm; for others, including me, life is the hope-filled storm before the thoroughly enjoyable calm.  As we weather the storms and celebrate the calms of our future, may Almighty God grant us the wisdom and the love “to live together in peace as good neighbors.”

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