Unusual ceremony held for Suzanne Crouch swearing in

January 2nd, 2014 at 3:45 pm by under Jim Shella's Political Blog

Suzanne Crouch took the oath of office to become State Auditor Thursday in an unusual ceremony.  To call it low key is an understatement.

A small crowd made up mostly of staff people and the media witnessed a private swearing in ceremony in the governor’s office that was bare bones.  Governor Mike Pence made a few off the cuff comments.

“And we are grateful and honored for her willingness to serve the people of Indiana in this new capacity,” he said.

And then, Crouch took the oath administered by fellow Evansville native, former state Supreme Court Justice Randall Shepard.

Crouch, a former state representative, made no formal remarks and afterward downplayed the event altogether.  “Pomp and ceremony,” she said, “isn’t nearly as important as doing the job.”

It’s a stark contrast to the public ceremony conducted last August when Dwayne Sawyer was appointed to fill a vacancy in the Auditor’s office just as Crouch was.  Sawyer gave a formal addess.

Now that he’s gone for unexplained personal reasons, there is an apparent effort to downplay the turmoil.

When asked why the event was so low key, Pence said, “Well, I think today was about making sure we have no interruption in the services of the office of Auditor of State.”

Yet later, back in the Auditor’s office, there was cake.  Muted or not, this is a celebration, afterall.

Suzanne Crouch plans run for re-election with the governor’s backing later this year.  Democrat Michael Claytor has already been campaigning for several months.

That could be one reason for the low key approach, to keep from giving Claytor a campaign issue.

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