Adjustments to the Winter Weather Forecast

February 17th, 2014 at 10:20 am by under Weather

After carefully poring through the latest radar data and model data, here is what we are thinking…

REST OF TODAY:  Warmer air is surging a bit farther north than was previously thought.  The impact of this is that there may be more sleet and freezing rain in the Indy metro than snow, and we lowered the snowfall south of I-70, and made those places more freezing rain and sleet.  The thing to watch is to see if the storm system “collapses” south.  With the colder air in place near the surface, can the warm-air hold up enough to keep the mixed precip instead of snow.  We think along and south of I-70, that answer for now is yes.  So with that in mind, here is a breakdown of what we expect.


NORTH:  Still a snow and sleet event, a little more snow that sleet, so accumulation of 3″-5″ of snow still in play here.

CENTRAL:  More warm air here should mean less snow and more sleet or freezing rain.  Snow should be around 1″ along and slightly north of I-70.

SOUTH:  The areas will mainly see freezing rain and some sleet, with little or no snow.

TIMING:  Precip will move in over the next several hours.  Precip will continue until mid to late evening.

micro_1   micro_2   micro_3   micro_4   micro_5


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