Latest on Winter Weather Today, Warmer Days Ahead

February 17th, 2014 at 5:57 am by under Weather

ALL RANGES OF WINTER WEATHER TODAY / LATEST FORECAST: Many places will see multiple types of winter weather. The farther north you go, the more likely you are to see mainly snow, with some sleet or freezing rain mixed in.  Along the I-70 corridor, if will be kind of an equal blend of ice and snow.  The farther south you go, it will be more ice than snow.  Here is a breakdown of what we expect to see.  There will be a sharp cut-off, so the lines still may shift, but this is the best forecast we have right now.

It looks like there may be a bit more snow in some locations, but the layout of the winter weather will sty the same.  Here is the latest projections.


TIMING:  The leading edge of warmer air could lead to some freezing drizzle, sleet or even a burst of snow, but not all areas will see that, so the morning commute should be better than the afternoon and evening commute.  After Noon time, the wintry mix should move in , and last through mid-evening.

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IMPACTS:  Messy roads will be the worst impact.  Roads will be either snow covered, or ice covered, depending on location, so untreated roads could be treacherous. Afternoon and evening events may be postponed or canceled, so be sure to check those before you go out.


8-DAY FORECAST:  Warmer air will build in over the next several days.  We could see heavy rain and thunderstorms Thursday.  Colder air returns by the end of the weekend.


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