Sen. Delph criticizes GOP leadership, stops short of dramatic action

February 17th, 2014 at 11:33 am by under Jim Shella's Political Blog

State Senator Mike Delph promised a big announcement at the Statehouse Monday regarding the gay marriage debate.

It failed to meet expectations.

The Carmel Republican is a supporter of the proposed ban on gay marriage and he’s upset about the way GOP leaders controlled the debate in the state Senate.

When he called reporters together in the Statehouse Rotunda there was speculation that he would challenge Republican leader David Long or that he might leave the Republican caucus.

He did neither, instead announcing only that he will vote against the marriage amendment in its current form so the debate will end.

“For some reason we fear rigorous and in-depth public debate.” said Sen. Delph.  “It makes me better, it makes me more informed, it helps shape my thinking.”

Delph also talked about his brother, Steve, who is openly gay.

“I love my brother and I accept him as a human being,” he said, “but I don’t accept the lifestyle of homosexuality.  I think it’s wrong.”

That state Senate is scheduled to vote Monday afternoon on the amended version of the marriage bill.  It is expected to pass.

That would mean that a referendum cannot take place until at least 2016.

It could mean also that this issue will never get a full airing in the General Assembly again.

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