System Not Done Yet…

March 2nd, 2014 at 11:23 am by under Weather

RIGHT NOW: We are in a lull in central Indiana, but another potent wave is heading towards central Indiana.  It still looks like this system will bring some mix and mainly snow in central and southern Indiana.  Northern parts of our area may get little if any additional snow.

micro_3   micro_5   micro_6

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? How much we will get is still tough to say, but it should be enough to get central and southern Indiana in the 4″-8″ range (though I think it will be on the low end).  I think northern parts of the area will stay at the 2″-4″ they have already received.  Having said that, this system is still a bear to get a handle on, and has a mind of its own, so we will keep with it all day, and tonight.



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