Mayor Ballard speaks out against Pence tax cut (again)

March 12th, 2014 at 4:24 pm by under Jim Shella's Political Blog

The stage is set for the final day of the 2014 General Assembly.

It happens Thursday and several major issues are still undecided including the governor’s top priority.

There will be final votes in both the Indiana House and the state Senate on Mike Pence’s plan to cut business personal  property taxes.

Mayor Greg Ballard doesn’t like it and he spoke up on a visit to the Statehouse.

“No mayor is comfortable.  None, none.  I haven’t met one yet,” said Ballard.

The tax on business equipment brings in a billion dollars statewide, money that goes to local governments.

In the bill that will be voted on local governments are given an option to reduce the tax, but won’t be required to do so.

“And, you know, if we have to maintain the quality of life, if we have to maintain the services with continuing reduced revenue,” said Ballard, “bad things are going to happen, and if we have to increase taxes on the other end, that’s going to obviously be on homeowners, income taxes and other things so, we just don’t know where this is going to wind up.”

Senate GOP leader David Long felt the optional nature of the bill had addressed the concerns of mayors.

He gave a sharp response.

“It’s completely optional for the mayors,” said Long.  “If he’s not comfortable then he doesn’t have to do it, ok?”

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