Trapuzzano murder sparks effort to identify violent teens.

April 14th, 2014 at 4:53 pm by under Jim Shella's Political Blog

The murder of Nathan Trapuzzano could lead to new efforts aimed at identifying violent teenagers.  16-year-old Simeon Adams is accused in the Trapuzzano killing.

State Senator Jim Merritt is taking a lead role, arranging a meeting with Juvenile Judge Moores, police,and public safety officials to seek changes in the law that might prevent similar murders in the future.

“Do we need a violent juvenile prison?”  asked Merritt.

“Right now we have 70 young men in our detention facility,” said Judge Moores.  “21 of them have gun charges.”

Judge Moores is bothered by a lack of good parenting.  “There’s a huge parental supervision and responsibility issue,’ she said, “that I don’t see being addressed.”

“Too many kids have ADD,”  said Bill Stanczykiewicz of the Indiana Youth Institute, “Adult deficit disorder.”

He sees an example to follow in Boston.  “Over about an 8 year period,” he said, “they went from 60 juvenile homicides to zero and it was a combination of government, the health sector, schools, after school programs, the faith community all coming together to surround these kids with support and positive influences.”

Or, he says, they will find negative influences.

“Something’s got to happen,” says Senator Merritt, “and we have to instill into the parents some sort of responsibility where they are part of the solution.”

Because the trouble with juveniles is now everyone’s problem.

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