Storms South & West of Central Indiana

April 27th, 2014 at 3:23 pm by under Weather

Scattered thunderstorms have popped up in central Illinois.  It’s the southern part of that line that extends through Evansville and south into Kentucky that will affect us.  All of these storms are staying below severe levels.  As they move north, northeast they will push into central Indiana this evening.  They should arrive in Indianapolis around 7pm according to Forecast 8 Futurecast.   Overnight those storms will continue to weaken as thy run into a more stable environment.  A strong storm is still possible though.  Expect gusty wind, small hail, torrential rain and lightning with any of those storms tonight.  The slight risk for severe storms stays in extreme southwestern Indiana today.

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Most of us are enjoying full sunshine and warm temps this afternoon.  The wind is noticeable today with gusts up to 30 mph from the southeast.  Keep an eye on radar if you will be outside today.

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