Warm front moving through : Temps rising, rain and storms likely

April 28th, 2014 at 2:33 pm by under Weather


A warm front is moving in from the south and will move through central Indiana this afternoon. This front will create significant changes in the weather from this morning.


Temperatures are moving up and there is quite a contrast across the area. Temps are in the 50s to the north from Lafayette to Kokomo to Marion. Temperatures climb drastically as you move south through the warm front. Temperatures are in the 70s to the south and those warm temperatures are moving our way. Expect temperatures to climb into the 70s for all by afternoon.

Wind Gusts

Winds are gusty behind the front, with gusts over 30 mph likely. Ahead of the front, cool northwest winds continue. Eventually winds will switch to SW for all locations.

Heavy rain and storms will accompany the front as it passes. Some thunder will be embedded within the heavy rain, and the areas along the front will have to be monitored for the possibility of strong to severe storms.

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