Partly cloudy skies will continue

May 5th, 2014 at 2:47 pm by under Weather


A mix of sun and clouds continues this afternoon across central Indiana. Not much change is expected, though some gradual clearing could be possible.


Temperatures remain quite variable across Indiana as a front sits draped across the state. To the north, temperatures are cool, with current temperatures in the 50s, but across the front in southern Indiana temperatures are soaring into the 70s.


Winds are also variable due to the front. South of the front, a nice south wind keeps warm temperatures flowing in. However, north of the front, a steady, cool breeze from the north is keeping things cool.

Not much will change over the next several hours or overnight. The front will sit with us but meander through the next 24 hours.


VIPIR remains quiet and the front isn’t kicking off any showers, but that may change into mid-week as thunderstorms return to the forecast as temperatures push into the 80s.

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