Indianapolis rally supports kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls

May 22nd, 2014 at 2:55 pm by under Jim Shella's Political Blog

Members of the City County Council joined with Nigerian immigrants and others Thursday to demand stronger action against the Muslim extremists who kidnapped nearly 300 Nigerian school girls.

The group that gathered on Monument Circle wants the kidnappings in Nigeria to get the same sort of response as other terrorist acts and they worry that the missing girls may be forgotten.

Mercy Sampson, a Nigerian immigrant, was emotional.  “I said come back home,” she wailed. “We are pleading for the mercy of God for the release of our daughters.”

“We ask the community to continue to join us in solidarity,” said immigrant Wale Mafolasire, “to continue to give a voice to this movement until something is done.”

The U.S. has sent a drone and 80 troops to help search areas in Chad and Nigeria for the school girls who were kidnapped on April 15th.  The extremist group known as Boko Haram is demanding the release of prisoners in exchange for the girls who, it threatens, will otherwise be sold into slavery.

Among those praying on the circle was City County Councillor Vop Osili whose father came here from Nigeria.

“Let us not leave here today without an understanding that we must play a role,” he said, “and be vocal.”

They believe the United Nations should also be involved in some way.  “That we put a bounty on the heads of those outlaws,” said former state Representative Bill Crawford.

The group also plans a prayer meeting on Saturday.

Meantime, the Muslim extremists who kidnapped the schoolgirls have now carried out attacks in Nigeria that have killed 2,000 people just this year.

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