Shinseki resignation wins approval from Senators Donnelly and Coats

May 30th, 2014 at 2:46 pm by under Jim Shella's Political Blog

Indiana members of Congress were quick to respond to the Shinseki resignation.  Some of them recently signed a letter to the President calling for his removal and no one criticized the move.

Republicans and Democrats are calling the resignation “appropriate.”  All of them, however, have questions about what happens next.

Just two days ago Senator Joe Donnelly called Eric Shinseki a hero.   And then he qualified it.

“But if things have gone wrong,” said Donnelly at a Wednesday news conference, “and if there’s responsibilities that have been missed that he is responsible for, then obviously he needs to take responsibility for that.”

Shortly after the President announced the Shinseki resignation we caught up with the Democratic Senator again.  “It’s a good thing to get a fresh pair of eyes on this,” he said.

Shinseki may be taking a fall for the failure of others but the growing scandal in the Veterans Administration has members of Congress up in arms.

GOP Senator Dan Coats said, “I have a staffer in our Indianapolis office that has over 500 cases she’s working of people who are unhappy or unsatisfied with VA’s ability to process their benefits.”

Sen. Donnelly believes it can be fixed.   “Absolutely,” he said. “There’s no reason why not.  Our veterans know that this health system has been set up to provide them with the best care in the world. That’s our focus.  That’s our goal. That’s the only acceptable goal.”

And Eric Shinseki didn’t meet it.

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