Our Stormy Week Continues

June 23rd, 2014 at 4:08 pm by under Weather


Our stormy summer weather pattern is set to continue this week as storms stay in our forecast through next weekend. Expect the possibility of storms until next Monday, with temperatures staying warm and humid in the mid to upper 80s.

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Scattered thunderstorms and rain showers will continue this afternoon and into tonight. Some of these storms may be severe with the largest threats being wind, small hail, heavy rain, and frequent lightning. Overnight we should reach a low near 71.

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Widespread areas of rain and thunderstorms are possible throughout the day on Tuesday. There should be a break in the action around the noon hour, but as heating builds in, so do the storms. Expect more storms for the evening commute and an afternoon high of 80.


Wednesday & Thursday:

Storms will still be possible on Wednesday and Thursday, but not nearly covering the amount of area they did earlier in the week. We should certainly see peaks of sunshine between the storms, which will be more isolated in nature. Expect a high of 85 Wednesday, and 84 on Thursday.

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Storms pick up some in coverage as scattered storms are expected for the start of your weekend. Expect a high near 83 with a morning low of 68.

The Weekend:

The bad news for this weekend is that scattered storms will remain in the forecast. The good news for right now, is that it does not appear they will be widespread or last all day. However make sure you keep the possibility of storms in your mind as you make your weekend plans. Highs will be in the mid 80s.


Early Next Week:

For now it appears our stormy weather will end by the start of next week. Expect partly cloudy skies with temperatures warming up near 90 by next Tuesday.


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