Gay marriage advocates petition the Attorney General

June 27th, 2014 at 2:57 pm by under Jim Shella's Political Blog

Federal Judge Richard Young has not yet ruled the state’s request for a legal stay of his ruling that legalized gay marriage in Indiana.

So, this afternoon Attorney General Greg Zoeller filed another request Friday afternoon with the federal appeals court in Chicago asking the judges there to put a halt to gay marriages while he pursues an appeal.

Gay rights advocates descended on the Attorney General’s office delivering petitions that call on Greg Zoeller to let the ruling stand.

“We understand he’s probably busy,” said Steven Stolen, a plaintiff in one of the federal lawsuits that sparked the ruling, “but we would love to have the opportunity for him to know that we’re carrying petitions, over 12,000 Hoosiers, who are aking the attorney general to recognize and respect the work of the court.”

The petition drive began before the landmark ruling was handed down Wednesday but picked up speed once the law changed and people got a better idea of what’s at stake.

“There’s an element of fear,” said Kyle Megrath of Hoosiers Unite for Marriage, “that if this great and wonderful thing of marriage goes away that these families won’t have the protections that they’ve waited so long for.”

At the County Clerk’s office same sex couples continue to line up and the threat of a stay is one reason why.

“I was just hoping that if there’s a stay it wouldn’t come till next week,” said Greg Waggoner while waiting in line for a marriage license, “so, we’ll get it done today.”

“We’re gonna keep doing what we’re doing,” said County Clerk Beth White, “and if the federal court orders me to stop then I will comply with the order.”

It’s easy to see that this legal battle is far from over.

“If we already have the law there, we already have it where we can get married,” said Angie Alexander, another plaintiff, “then there’s no point of going to appeals.”

The chief of staff for Greg Zoeller promised that he will see the petitions.

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