NWS Confirms 3 Tornadoes On Tuesday

June 28th, 2014 at 4:54 pm by under Weather

The National Weather Service found two additional tornado paths from surveys on Friday.  These paths are from the same storm that later produced the Plainfield tornado on Tuesday.

Plainfield Tornado Update 6_27

The first tornado:  touched down around 1:30pm and lifted at 1:31 pm after traveling 1 mile.  Located 5.4 miles northwest of Gosport in Owen County. Rated an EF-0 with 85 mph winds.  Uprooted trees, minor building damage.

Plainfield Tornado Update 6_27 2

The second tornado: touched down around 1:50pm and lifted at 1:51pm after traveling a quarter of a mile.  Located 1.5 miles southeast of Eminence in Morgan County.  Rated EF-1 with peak winds at 94 mph.  Uprooted trees & destroyed one barn.

Plainfield Tornado Update 6_27 3

The third tornado: was in Plainfield.  The NWS surveyed the damage again and lengthened the path and time on the ground.  The path length was extended by almost a mile.  Time on ground extended by 2 minutes.  Rated an EF-1 with winds between 90 and 100 mph.

Plainfield Tornado Update 6_27 4

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