Update to Severe Weather Threat

June 30th, 2014 at 9:25 am by under Weather

OVERVIEW: The Storm Prediction Center has updated their severe weather threat maps for today.  In short, they have expanded the Slight Risk to include more in our viewing area (added more areas east).


 TORNADO THREAT:  There is a low risk of tornadoes from roughly a Bloomington – Indy-Hartford City line and places west of that.  Once you get NW of Lafayette, there is a slight risk of tornadoes (slightly higher chance)

ADI SPC Tornado

DAMAGING WIND THREAT: There is a higher chance that storms could contain damaging wind.  Most of the area is under a moderate risk for damaging wind.


HAIL THREAT:  The other big threat for today will be large hail.  Most of the area is under a slight risk for large hail.


UNCERTAINTIES:  The complex from this morning may help or hurt chances later today.  If these rain and storm clusters linger, they may limit severe potential for this afternoon and this evening.  On the other hand, it it dissipates quickly, and we get some sunshine, the areas may help fuel storms that could form later this afternoon and evening.  We will track developments for you throughout the day.


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