Such a Pleasant Day

July 17th, 2014 at 3:03 pm by under Weather

It’s a little warmer than the past couple days but it still feels amazing outside. We were near record cold high temperatures for July. The cause of these below normal temperatures were due to cold air being brought down from the north.  It felt a bit like southern or mid Canada here in Indiana. Today started off cool and will gradually increase to the mid and upper 70s with mostly sunny skies & dry conditions.  We’re still below normal temperatures for this time of year – 85 degrees.

The next few days will start to feel more like July.

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Record cold high & low temperatures for 7/15:

7 15 July Cold Records We reached a max of 71 for 2014.

Record cold high temperature for 7/16:

7 16 July Cold Records  We reached a max of 72 for 2014.

Record coldest high & low temperatures for all of July:

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