Cooler, Drier Air Moving In

July 27th, 2014 at 8:12 pm by under Weather

The cold front is moving through Indiana.  The storms are almost completely out of the state.

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Now expect some cooler temps, and some lower humidity levels.  Notice the dewpoint temps in the upper 50s in northwestern Indiana…earlier the dewpoint temps were in the lower 70s.  The wind is form the northwest gusting up to 35 mph at times.

ADI Current Temps ADI Current Dew Point  ADI Current Wind Gust

Cold air funnels are possible in northeastern Indiana before sunset.  These have been reported in Huntington County.  They are weak, thin funnels that don’t touch the ground.  The cold air funnels are from high based rotation that develop in a shallow, cool air mass behind the cold front.  If you happen to see one, send a photo to Report It! on

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