New Hogsett job fuels speculation

July 28th, 2014 at 3:58 pm by under Jim Shella's Political Blog

Joe Hogsett leaves his post as U.S. Attorney on Thursday and today we found out where he will turn up next.  Hogsett will become a partner in the Indianapolis law firm of Bose, McKinney, and Evans.

It’s a move that fuels speculation that he will run for mayor but Hogsett can’t talk about anything political until he leaves the U.S. Attorney’s office and leaders at the law firm declined to comment.

With a crime-fighting resumé and a high public profile, Joe Hogsett is the most talked about non-candidate in Indianapolis.  When he announced his resignation as U.S. Attorney, his friend and former Senator Evan Bayh said he should run for mayor.

There is speculation that the Democrat will launch a campaign soon.  “I would say that probably none of us who are paying attention,” said Marion County Democratic Chairman Joel Miller, “would be surprised terribly if he did.”

Republican Greg Ballard is expected to seek a third term next year and Democrats see opportunity.  Crime is expected to be the top issue in the 2015 race and Hogsett’s credentials will pose problems first for the two Democrats who are already campaigning.

“I’m in the race,” said state Representative Ed DeLaney.  “I’m in to stay.  Yeah, the only thing that’s changed is that somebody who said he wasn’t going to run may be running, according to rumor.”

“I’m working every day to be our nominee,” said Washington Township Trustee Frank Short, “and to be the next mayor of the city.”

Short also points to the fact that Hogsett made public comments months ago that ruled out a run for mayor.

“You know I made plans accordingly,” he said, “and if Joe changes his mind I’m sure we’ll have more conversation.  I consider Joe Hogsett a friend.”

The next move is up to Hogsett and it will be next week before he indicates what it might be.

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