Iselle and Julio Update

August 8th, 2014 at 5:48 am by under Weather

Iselle is now a Tropical Storm as it moves onto the Big Island of Hawaii.  Sustained winds are 70 mph, with gusts up to 85 mph.  It will move west at 10 mph and won’t directly hit the other Hawaiian islands, but the outer bands will bring rain and gusty wind to those places.

Hurricane Stats Pacific 1  Hurricane Fcst Track Pacific 1

Julio is a category 3 hurricane with sustained winds of 120 mph, gusts up to 150 mph.  It will move west, northwest at 16 mph.  The track stays north of the path that Iselle took.  This means, by the time Julio approaches the islands (Saturday night), it will stay north and there won’t be a direct hit.  It will pass by as a category 1 hurricane.  The outer bands will bring showers and gusty winds to the islands.

Hurricane Fcst Track Pacific 2  Hurricane Fcst Track Pacific 2 2  Hurricane Fcst Track Pacific 23

Current satellite picture of the two storms:

Hurricane Stats Pacific 1

7am update: Tropical Storm Iselle has NOT made landfall yet.  It has been slowed due to the friction of the land, the mountains and volcano.  This will create higher rainfall totals on the windward side of the island.  Eventually it will continue on it’s westerly track.

Hurricane Stats Pacific 1

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